The American Assocation for Polish-Jewish Studies (AAPJS) is a sister organization
of the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies in London, England. Their origins go back
to the International Conference for Polish-Jewish Studies held in Oxford in 1984.
They were established to:

  • Preserve the history of Polish Jewry on a world-wide basis
  • Disseminate the results of this research by means of publications, lectures, conferences, seminars and documentary films
  • Focus attention of the American and world public on what is most significant and precious in this legacy of Polish Jewry
  • For centuries, the Jews of Poland formed one of the largest and most creative Jewish communities in the world. Part of this community emigrated en masse to the ‘new world', forming the core of American Jewry. We invite you to explore our site and the resources we post here. We also invite you to join our association. Full members are entitled to an annual copy of POLIN, our yearbook and all issues of Gazeta, our newsletter.

Our postal address is 34 Kirkland Street, Cambridge MA 02138. You can also reach us by e-mail at: polonsky@brandeis.edu

For details on how to join the Association, see the Membership page.