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Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry

Polin is a yearbook which provides a forum for a growing number of scholars to present historical and cultural material on Polish Jewry. It encourages research on an inter-disciplinary basis and publishes materials on sociology, anthropology, linguistics, literature and folklore. The editorial board of Polin includes leading specialists in Polish-Jewish studies from around the world. Please read about details in our Polin area.

Other publications


The Association has sponsored the publication of nineteen books:

  • The Jews in Poland (Blackwells, 1986)
  • A Cup of Tears: A Diary from the Warsaw Ghetto (Blackwells, 1988) Surviving Treblinka by Samuel Willenberg (Blackwells, 1989)
  • My Brother’s Keeper? Recent Polish Debates about the Holocaust (Routledge, 1990)
  • Shtetl Jews under Soviet Rule: Eastern Poland on the Eve of the Holocaust by Ben-Cion Pinchuk (Blackwells, 1991)
  • The Convent in Auschwitz by Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski (Bowerdean Press, 1990)
  • The Jews in Warsaw (Blackwells, 1991)
  • The Emancipation of the Jews in Poland by Artur Eisenbach (Blackwells, 1991)
  • Images of a Lost World: Jewish Motifs in Polish Art by Halina Nelken (I.B.Tauris, 1991)
  • Witnesses: Life in Occupied Krakow by Mordechai and Miriam Marianski (Routledge, 1991)
  • Jews in Eastern Poland and the USSR (MacMillan, 1991)
  • The Road to Katyn by Solomon Slowes (Blackwells, 1991)
  • The Jews in Old Poland 1000-1795 (I.B.Tauris, 1993)
  • My Lost World: A Survivor’s Tale by Sara Rosen (Vallentine Mitchell, 1993)
  • My Private War: One Man’s Struggle to Survive the Soviets and the Nazis by Jacob Gerstenfield-Maltiel (Vallentine Mitchell, 1993)
  • An End to Childhook by Miriam Akavia(Vallentine Mitchell, 1995)
  • The Children Accuse (Vallentine Mitchell, 1996)
  • Have You Seen My Little Sister? by Janina Fischler-Martinho (Vallentine Mitchell, 1997)
  • Memoirs from Occupied Warsaw 1940-1945 by Helena Szereszewska (Vallentine Mitchell, 1997)